Professional Pruning Services

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Professional and quality pruning of trees, shrubs, and hedges:

Just one improper pruning can cause a life time of grief for a tree, shrub or hedge. Laird Tree Care’s ISA certified arborist has extensive training that will assure pruning to industry standards. All climbing of live trees is done with ropes and saddle. The use of spurs for pruning can leave wounds that cause decay and entry points for pests and disease.

Tree pruning:

Crown cleaning (dead wooding)

The removal of dead, dying, crossing and interfering branches. By crown cleaning your trees you remove branches that may fall from the tree, damage property or hurt people under the tree. For the health of the tree, crown cleaning removes potential disease and insect entry sites and entry points for rot and decay.


Canopy thinning:

By strategically removing branches from the crown of a tree you can reduce the chance of tree failure due to heavy wind and excessive weight with out unsightly and harmful topping.


Canopy raising:

Removal of a trees’ lower limbs can open views, allow light to lawns and decks as well as improve a trees’ aesthetic value.

Clearance pruning:

By pruning branches away from buildings, wires, drive and walkways you reduce the wear on roofs, siding and wire coating as well as create safe and comfortable walkways.

Shrub pruning:

Flowering shrubs

Proper and timely pruning of flowering shrubs will improve their health, beauty, and longevity.


Non-flowering shrubs

Most shrubs that are non-flowering are usually planted for their foliage branching structure, bark or a combination. With proper pruning these characteristics can be brought to their full potential.

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